Give a life changing gift card.

Time To Talk Befriending inspired gift cards are real, life-changing gifts that provide genuine connections and friendships to older, isolated people living in the Sussex area. Purchase a card below and gift it to a friend or loved one – leave the rest to us. Together, we can tackle loneliness one gift at a time!

5 Birthday surprises

Sending five birthday surprises to older people who receive little or no birthday cards anymore.

Connecting Together

This card will help fund our community outreach events, where people come together over a good old cup of tea.

Fund a friendship

This card will fund a befriending match between an isolated older person & their new friend.

Better Together

This card will support a team who are integral to helping older people get out of the four walls of their homes.

Thanks for partnering with us!

With your help we can continue to provide intergenerational befriending, tackling loneliness through engagement, connection and friendship.

Since the Charity started taking referrals in 2014 we have helped 1137 older people by providing one-to-one befriending. Over the same timeframe 1380 older people have benefited from the charity’s events and regular group befriending meetings. In addition, following assessments, TTTB has provided 1344 signposts or re-referrals to over 50 different organisations for older people since it’s foundation.

The corresponding figures for the year to date (October 2019) are 295 one-to-one befriending matches in Brighton and Hove and Worthing, 97 regular attendees at group befriending meetings and 291 signposts to other organisations who can provide additional support.

Thank you!